Protecting Your Business’ Assets with a Premium Roof


Protecting Your Business’ Assets with a Premium Roof

Commercial Roof Installations

Our Michigan commercial roofers have over 75 years of combined experience installing roofs across the state of Michigan. We’re trusted professionals who can identify the right solutions for your specific building. Because not all buildings are the same, we first do a thorough roof inspection and discuss a plan and budget with you prior to installation.

There are many options to choose from for your roof, so our skilled Michigan commercial roofers will help you make the best choice. By explaining the different types of roof systems and recommending which system will be the best fit for your building’s needs, you will be at ease knowing you made the right decision for your building’s integrity.

Roof Installations

Commercial roofs are subject to rain, snow, debris, and wildlife. We’ve seen it all and take preventative measures to make sure you have the right roofing system for your building from the beginning. The last thing you want is to have problems with your roof, so we ensure the work is done right from the beginning.

We install throughout all seasons to ensure that your business’ assets are safe and secure under your roof. Our exceptionally trained crew will ensure quality workmanship and the highest of standards for your new roof.

The Roof Installation Process

Our commercial roof installations designs will be approved by the building owner or manager, ensuring proper drainage and addressing any structural concerns.

Our Michigan commercial roofers install low slope or flat roofs that are metal, TPO (thermal plastic), EPDM (rubber), or PVC. We don’t subscribe to a one-roof-fits-all approach, so we work with you to determine which roof is right for your building.

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